Existence: Book Of Origins


So many questions do we all have about our origins and so many laying claims to knowing the answers and origins to our questions unanswered. Where did we come from is often at the top of the list, and one that many religions insist to know the answer to. It’s almost guaranteed to come up in a theological debate, and usually, a question brought up to suggest the necessity of a deity to provide such an answer to such a profound question. And in asking this question many times myself, I wondered if the answer is hidden in plain sight, staring at me as if I were looking at myself in the mirror. It’s a troubling question indeed, and not one in which I have not struggled with throughout the years as a Christian. It was some 5 or 6 years ago (fuzzy memory on time) where I first really started to think more about this question when I fully left my Christian faith to become a Pantheist. It was a moment of realization that I am a character in a book continuously being written, not by a being beyond the limitations of my senses, but by the book itself as if it had its own magical pens, paintbrushes, crayons, and markers to write upon its blank pages we often call the yet unwritten future. A story that writes itself seems almost absurd, though everywhere we look we see it emerging all around us from the changing shorelines to the unfolding of our own lives. It becomes then absurdly undeniable if not woefully done so.

It is this realization in which I have come to know as an answer I do not fully understand. Fundamental in its simplicity and yet so incredibly complex, mysterious, and unknown.. In light of this, I purpose you to ask yourselves what book do you really think you are trying to read here for all the answers to those unanswered questions?. Is it the Bible, the Qu’ran, or a science book?. Well, would it bother you if I told you it’s neither of those? Would it make sense to you if I told you that science studies this book and religion can’t exist without it? This book not only has all the answers, it literally is all the answers at the very same time whether they are accessible to us or not. What could this strange book of origins be if not the science textbooks, or the holy books such as the Bible? Well, I think you may know this book under its very familiar title:


Without much doubt, this is by far the most logical answer of everything even if we don’t fully understand everything in, of, or about existence. For is it not existence hidden in plain sight that has been staring back at us while we in futility throughout history have tried to answer the question of our origins? After all, Existence is defined as the essence and totality of all that exists, and arguably is, therefore, every rule, force to cause, process, function, state of being, person, place, object, substance, or thing thereof and within it. Would it be insane to suggest it is the nature of causality, the totality of power, information, purpose, meaning, and what is, was, or what will ever become? How incredibly profound is that I ask? Seemingly beyond words fit to describe, and yet here I am there of trying perhaps in futility.

Furthermore, it would be arguable that Existence is not something that can be created, and reasonably arguable to say all things that have come to be are emergent properties of and from Existence itself. This as if to say that Existence may very well be a self-generating system from itself for which all things are created. You want the answer to everything, it’s perhaps exactly what Atheists have been suggesting to us from the very start. Fundamentally I would suggest to you that Existence would, logically, be the only thing that could reasonably represent a Universal Set of all sets. The source origin of everything we know. However, and if you think otherwise, you may feel free to explain to me the nature of causality, or our origins, meaning, purpose, consciousness, being, essence, life,  or why we are here without “Existence”.., the theological God of Pantheism. This to me was a revelation, and for a while, I had become Pantheistic, but yet even that would be met in conceptual futility! Therefore I propose you to further ask yourselves the following questions in which I had asked myself just a few years ago:

Q1: What is GOD without existence?

A1: Non-existent, meaningless, pointless, irrelevant.

Q2: If Existence is GOD, then what of existence is not?

A2: If existence is GOD, then by definition everything and everyone of existence is GOD.

Q3: If Existence is not GOD, then what of existence is?

A3: If Existence to which is the sum total and essence of everything is not “GOD”, then by definition there isn’t anything of existence to which is.

Tough questions indeed, but yet pretty simple deductive logic with a logical conclusion breaking down the concept of GOD to either being literally moot or entirely non-existent altogether. That was problematic for even my newfound Pantheism. Needless to say, this was pretty destructive to what little faith I had left in GOD, or the concept in general. I would even argue further to say I had come to realize that it was even more ridiculous for one part of existence to worship another part of itself as “GOD” as such would be the ultimate case of delusional Narcissism. I could not reconcile as the whole concept of GOD had thus become logically moot and inherently nonsensical, if not a self-refuting concept altogether.   Thus after having been a Pantheist, I had decided that “God” has no real value or meaning to me giving it logically has none, to begin with. Well, no meaning other than subjugation to a concept of delusional grandeur.  I, therefore, have become, most unexpectedly, an Atheist.  A scary word that ought not to be uttered in the company of my more religious side of the family. I don’t think I would have ever considered or imagined being an Atheist as a child, but once I let myself think critically in a moment of free thought, there was no turning back as that first chip tipped and sent the dominoes to fall. My bridge of faith came crashing down, and for a while my life felt like a disaster like a tornado had ripped apart my house I called home.., leaving me nothing. I became angry and depressed until I realized I hadn’t lost anything, I but rather gained a curiosity of everything I had once rejected. I suddenly felt free to be rather than obligated to be what others demanded me to be without question or expression of my own individuality hidden in a cage within me. I really didn’t know who I was until now, and even that yet remains to have a bit of mystery as I march forward into future of the unwritten pages. I find that I am a paintbrush, a marker, pen, and the crayon among many others…., painting and coloring an unfolding and ever emerging work of art worthy of its literature between the pictures of every frame. Do you know what that is like? It is Existence!



12 responses to “Existence: Book Of Origins

  1. Your existence must coexist with other existences therefore we have laws.

    When God speaks a word it is a commandment, a commandment is a law, and a kingdom is a government, and a government is ran by laws.

    John 1:1 explained.
    In the beginning was the law, and the law of salvation was WITH God, and the law was God “the gospel of the kingdom of God”. The same (the law of salvation) was in the beginning WITH God. Part of the whole but not the whole. God knew that in order to create man with a free-will he also had to have a law of salvation because with free-will man would sin (disobey). So BY the law of salvation all things were made, for without the law of salvation man with a free-will could not be created, so WITH the law of salvation and all other laws (commandments(word)) of God life was created, with God and Jesus (the fulfillment of the law) working as ONE for the salvation of man. Man cannot survive without discipline to the laws. The path of this HELL on earth that we are on is proof of that.

    Thou shalt love the (law) Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.
    38 This is the first and great commandment. Matt 22:37-38 (KJV).
    This law is not because God is a narcissist but because God is law (a set of rules and principles so that man can coexist).
    Which is why the second commandment is
    …the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.
    Matt 22:39 (KJV), for coexistence!

    Why don’t Satan read the bible the way u people do and NOT do what is predicted of him and make God and the bible a lie?
    A demon is an evil thought i.e. a lie.
    A devil is a person that carries out that evil i.e. a liar.
    Satan is the POWER that these devils have i.e. the father of lies U.S.A. “in God we trust” and “one nation under God”.

    In turn God is the POWER that the Heavenly Host (to be finite as an example a population of a googolplex to the power of a googolplex) has because they love and obey and know the reasons for the laws. Which means mans laws (leaven) don’t have the majority vote.


    • Explain laws and GOD without Existence.. Explain Causality without existence.. You came here to preach, but you missed the entire argument and premise discussed. Saying there are other existences is meaningless as it’s just saying “other existences of existence”.. You are trying to argue subsets of existence some how validates your position or Bible when in fact it does not. I even ask why you think existence should worship itself and punish itself for not doing so.. Hence, your religion is nonsensical and incoherent when we pull its apple from the tree and look at it and realize it’s just a product of the tree.

      The rest of your statement is rhetoric. It’s not relevant even if we cater to the notion of some sentient being (alien) having made the human species in some sort of lab experiment. It doesn’t solve the actual question of “origins” to the absolute logical conclusion to which can only ever be Existence itself.. Existence itself is every rule and law and is the governor of all that exists. And that includes being the governor of consciousness and functionality, or the essence of being.. So pointing to some hypothetical alien being doesn’t solve our actual origins.

      Now I was going to delete your post for spam, but I think it serves up a prime example for the premise of this article, and as a prime example of guilt tripping, fear mongering, ignorance appealing nonsense.


      • No I covered all the bases. I gave answers to your questions;
        Why and how we exist.
        The causality of that existence.
        People sitting back and trying to be smarting than man can be by trying to figure out why the chicken existed to cross the road, while this nation and world are hemorrhaging and on its way to destroying itself, is one of the problems. Look around you the agendas of Christian, Islam, Judaism, Atheism, etc… are not working. Had you went to the web site rather than deleting the links… mmm.
        And it is wisdom and knowledge that allows one (me) to be fearless and guilt free.


      • You never addressed the questions.. You provided no direct answer to the questions asked. You merely injected “GOD”, or some presumed entity of existence as having something to do with our emergence. You however ignored the broad scope because the article doesn’t deal with rejecting a possible factor of some being having a hand in the game of things. And this isn’t about being smarter than man, this is the logical break down of “Origins”.

        You also miss the problem that consciousness can’t exist without cause and itself is governed by rules ect.. True origins are not answered by your premises.. You are giving thanks to the wrong thing. This is why pantheists are not Christians, Jews, or even Atheists. Just as an example.

        Where else do we come from if not existence itself? Without existence what is knowledge, wisdom, or anything? No, the Causality of all existence is literally existence itself. We are all a part of that causality as sentient beings, and we are also products of it as all sentient beings would be. You can claim sentient hand, but that is not the true Cause in Origin.. And there is no evidence to support your position of sentient involvement. However, it’s not relevant to the premise of the article..

        On deleting your links, I deleted those links because they were advertising, and don’t actually address the article on a point by point basis. You made your argument, this to which I left intact, but you don’t need to advertise.

        On the end of the world, It’s going to happen.. Eventually the Sun will begin burning more Helium than Hydrogen and this Earth will come to a slow roasting end. And no, this is not in Revelations as Revelations is in reference to a volcanic event.

        And no philosophical argument is not going to “save the world” from destruction. The question is if our species is smart enough to evolve and stave our pending extinction. Such as become advanced enough to leave Earth and colonize beyond the solar system.


  2. My blogs and website have no ads. The you tube video does but not by my design. And they do elaborate on the statements I made.
    And twitter is more suited for tit-for-tat if that is what your looking for.


    • I almost missed it.
      Here is a copy and paste from you last reply.

      “become advanced enough to leave Earth and colonize beyond the solar system.”

      Isn’t this exactly what I said God is doing? The difference is that God has been doing it since before time can remember without spending time and effort on wars, prisons, orphans, hunger, death, etc… but yet to you this is nonsense and it is practical for us a people that can’t even send our children to school without fear of them getting shot.


      • If we end up doing the same thing, doesn’t that just make us “GODS”?.. Look, I am not against the idea of other beings out there, perhaps even more powerful ones. That’s not the point of my article to which addresses absolute origins. The 3 questions cited deal with the concept of God. But absolute origin is by all practical argument existence itself.

        We making cars, ants building tunnels, wind shaping sand dunes, or hypothetical sentience making other living things is essentially existence doing all these things. I am in and of existence itself just as you are. We are existence doing these things as relative perspectives of itself. As instances of itself. We are ultimately as everything is, governed by existence in which is our actual origin.. It’s an absolute logical conclusion.


  3. thats just it we wont end up doing the same thing we wont get past the nuclear bomb.
    and what you call aliens God calls his angels.
    Im done.

    p.s. I think your needle is stuck.


    • Your response is assuming we will nuke ourselves to extinction? Though quite possible, it doesn’t have anything to do with the premise of this article..

      On aliens, where in your bible does it discuss aliens as gods or angels? Let me guess, you watched the ancient aliens pseudo-history show on the History Channel.. O.o I dare say, you are now simply in the mode of making things up and trying to pass them off as fact while avoiding to entertain the very base principles of this article, its premises, and the questions with in it.. :/

      So I think you had been done for the last few responses. You made your argument and assertions, but you have not addressed anything.. Thus I dare ask in departing:

      What is God without existence?


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