I Deny They Holy Spirit: Test Of Tolerance


I have decided to make this an official statement, like the gentleman in the video above, a supportive beacon of strength, courage, and free will against which confronts the very essence of religious dogma seeking to prey on our human weaknesses for a bid at our indoctrination. A bid to consume our free-will and self-worth into a life of blind obedience for the unjust servitude of the EGO of an ever unknowable invisible Father. A bid for our submission to it’s supposed archaic will, for which is professed by that of men. I make the declaration of my independence from the indoctrination of ignorance, blind faith, or the threat of a magical lake of fire! This for which I am told will eternally consume and burn my very soul if I should Deny The Holy Spirit as my lord savior. Thus in the face of this threat, I say to those of you who may likely post something similar to:

“You will see when you Die, you just wait”

Don’t you worry about me, or pretend to as you so may try to insist you do. I here proclaim that I DENY THE HOLY SPIRIT!.. I do not say this with any sort of hate, fear, or anger as some will surely try to project upon me. I do not say this as a Jesus hater, or a God hater as some of you might say is deserving of being put to death, or eternal damnation. I but rather deposit a simple declaration of my disbelief in a religion, or any possible deity claimed to be as such. I deny any religion professing to know the will of a God they cannot provide, prove, verify, or empirically support in any sort of meaningful way for which I could derive any sort of real value from empirically, morally, or ethically. Only in such religions does rejection become a projection of fallacious magical hatred of the very concepts I simply rejected to exist for lack of evidence.

However should such an entity exist, what is viewed by you in your own opinion be an existent god for argument sake, in a hypothetical dare to meet the bully at the playground, I test and challenge any that may lay claim to being a God. Who are you to think you are a God?, I might ask! What power is it that you are so slave to rely on to which you think gives you such a deserving status from that of myself or that of anyone else? Such blasphemous questions I might ask! And when such a being realizes that power does not make one a GOD, or that thy creator does not make one a GOD in the eyes of someone who realizes that either all things are GODS, or there are no such things as GOD’s, I ask what then will this supposed deity do?  What tolerance could something that thinks it’s so mighty have when something so weak and fragile such as mere mortal like myself simply denies it, or them of any such title? I thus say again I DENY THE HOLY SPIRIT, and ask what evidence can you give me that verifies your God worthy of my worship? What says this entity when I declare Pantheism greater than it, he, she, or whatever gender it chooses to project before me?

And despite any threat, effort, or evidence this supposed entity might try to put forth before me, I will simply deny it as the holy spirit! I will DENY it as a GOD with one simple question:

What other than existence itself can truly be considered God?

Then we come to realize, why do we not worship ourselves and each other as worthy beings of respect? Why do we not worship ourselves as if we were the very God, or Gods many of us have sacrificed our love to as if it were not that of our own to share? Why must we consider ourselves as false idols unworthy as religion has so often tried to paint us as? Panting us as born sinners doomed to eternal damnation we have no control over or a say in? Born sinners that will surely be said to burn in a magical lake of fire if we do not bow down in obedience, or in the worship of what is best described in such religious scripture as a volcanically eruptive and narcissistic egomaniac? It’s left to ask the following question:

What is a God if not worshiped as such?

I have yet in all my years on Earth,  heard a convincing argument of why I should bow down, why I should take a knee as an unworthy being seen as nothing more than a created subservient puppet commanded to worship another being’s EGO. I have yet to ever see a convincing argument that my path is not that of my own, or my purpose as being not that of my own self-attainment, and or self-fulfilling for which I can share with those whom I interact with, love, or befriend. Thus until when I can finally get a convincing argument, dominion religions are a dead end street that leads only to that of pure ignorance. And we all know how futile that attempt at a convincing argument will be if you know me at all. I pray to no Lord, I bow to submit to nobody, I seek a better world for me and our children to which we can build ourselves. If there is a heaven to be had, it’s in our hands to make it. And we simply begin with tolerance, love, and respect for each other. I seek nothing more and ask for nothing less.

Finally, I would like to stress the point of practical tolerance, and that we ought to show our strengths within our humanity that we can have a difference of opinion, reject each other’s beliefs, or even question each other’s position without needing to sacrifice tolerance. There is no need for hell, damnation, hate, killing, kicking someone in the balls, personal attacks, or telling each other we deserve to be put to death. As different as we all are from each other, tolerance is that which makes us capable of peaceful co-existence. And when we sacrifice our tolerance, it becomes a danger that can lead to such horrors too great to bear, and sorrow of pure sadness too sad to have enough tears to express.  Is that what we want? I think most of us agree that is not at all what we wish it to be.

Thanks for listening, and thanks for being tolerant of a difference of opinion! 🙂

— TheJackel –


2 responses to “I Deny They Holy Spirit: Test Of Tolerance

    • I have been told this many times.. I will be more concise:

      It is narcissistic to suggest one’s self is the way and only way. It devalues the concept that a person’s deeds and who they are as the definement of their way. It would be like if you are really loving and a good person but didn’t know who Jesus was or really didn’t get into Christianity, and then having a Christian or a Jesus telling you that you’re going to hell or that you’re damned because you didn’t worship him. Christianity applies a human mental illness to Jesus… Narcissistic personality disorder. Why would Jesus need or have such a disorder? Why would you have to hate yourself, your life, and your family to be worthy of him? That is a way to cultism, not a way to heaven.

      If Jesus came to me and said that I must hate myself, my life, and my family to be worthy of him…, or if he came and said that if I loveth them more than he that I would not be worthy of him., what do you suppose any rational and caring person would say to that? That is narcissism, and not something worth worshiping. Do you understand? Such delusions of grandeur and self-worth over others are not adulting or acting like a respectable adult or leader. I would give up who I am or my freedom of thought just to please his ego. And to need to coerce people with fear or make a play at Stockholm syndrome for legitimacy is pathetic pleading. You lend it less credible when you need to appeal to that to try and convince people to consider your religion or Jesus.


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