About Me

My name, and I shall introduce myself since I am sure someone out there might actually read my about me page:

My name is William J. S, or I am will to whom this page is about.

Where do I exist if I were to exist rather than be a figment of your Solipsistic  projection:

I currently reside in Boston MA as my humble abode. Go BRUINS!.. 🙂

Will this column only focus on Yahweh and his volcanic nature?

No, this column will likely expand into other subjects even though the origin of Yahweh is of special interest to this Column.. Thus stick around as I have a few articles on the Flat Earth Society coming soon (hopefully by next week wed 03-28-2013

What are my interests?

Well to keep this from becoming a novel of it’s own, I will keep it short and simply say that any day with fresh POW on the Mountain is a day I carve bliss in to my life. Snowboarding is my escape to which frees my mind from all the hassles of life. It’s that sense of unchained freedom that gives me that sense of truly being alive. I also love to draw, and do all those other normal things people do for fun.. And of course one of my interests deal with theology here, and learning as much about it as I possibly can.. Though I am no scholar, I do try to offer supported and intriguing content for my column here 🙂


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