About Me

My name, and I shall introduce myself since I am sure someone out there might actually read my about me page:

My name is William J. S, or I am will to whom this page is about.

Where do I exist if I were to exist rather than be a figment of your Solipsistic  projection:

I currently reside in Boston MA as my humble abode. Go BRUINS!.. 🙂

Will this column only focus on Yahweh and his volcanic nature?

No, this column will likely expand into other subjects even though the origin of Yahweh is of special interest to this Column.. Thus stick around as I have a few articles on the Flat Earth Society coming soon (hopefully by next week wed 03-28-2013

What are my interests?

Well to keep this from becoming a novel of it’s own, I will keep it short and simply say that any day with fresh POW on the Mountain is a day I carve bliss in to my life. Snowboarding is my escape to which frees my mind from all the hassles of life. It’s that sense of unchained freedom that gives me that sense of truly being alive. I also love to draw, and do all those other normal things people do for fun.. And of course one of my interests deal with theology here, and learning as much about it as I possibly can.. Though I am no scholar, I do try to offer supported and intriguing content for my column here 🙂


2 responses to “About Me

  1. what if we will see a self replicating robot ( lets say even with dna) on a far planet?. do we need to conclude design or a natural process in this case? remember that according to evolution if its made from organic components and have a self replicating system we need to conclude a natural process. but we know that even a self replicating robot is evidence for design.

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    • Even if we conclude by evidence that the robot was created by some sentient species , being, or thing…, it wouldn’t negate the equal evidence that shows it had , from that point on, evolved over time. The idea of a creator is not invalid because life evolved. Neither is evolution invalid because a creator may have been involved. However, and in our case, there is very little to show that a sentient creator was ever involded in the energence of life here on Earth. That doesn’t mean there wasn’t one, it just means all the evidence , thus far, point to the energence of life on Earth. Maybe the Big Bang was the creation of such a being where the result is a Unviverse that was designed to create itself . A work of art that can , from that point on, paint itself and write its own stories for where life emerges and even becomes sentient and in awe of its own existence, woundering how it got there. For all we know, and I quote “big bangs could be as common as lightning out at sea”. Out in the infinite vastness of Existence, life could be both sentiently created and self emergent via natural processes ..

      We look at life and see the complexity of it all and think that there must of been a designer. However, and as that might be true, we fail to realize the complexity of sentience and cognition. To be more concise, cognitive systems are highly complex themselves and can, under the same argument, suggest the need of a designer.. Cognitive systems, like life, fall under the principles of emergence and complex adaptive systems theory. Cognition itself requires complex sensory systems while the conscious state itself is an emergent product or state for which is created by the processing of sensory information for which includes any and all information of its own existence. It is and must be a continous feedback loop for where that concious state, like the image on your computer screen, must be continously generated to exist. Otherwise there wouldn’t ever be an image pissible.

      So would it make more sense to say that Existence itself is a self generating system for which all sentience and life emerge ? Would it be unreasonable to suggest that the source , origin, cause, and place of our existence is simply Existence itself? After all, I think we can agree that comming from nothing and no where is not a suitable answer for either of us.

      Just some food for thought, I leave a question to consider:

      What is god, life, sentience, or anything at all without Existence?


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